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Jambo Restoration

This page is under construction. We plan to detail important facts that you need to know if you are planning on restoring a Jambo. We begin with information regarding the paint color and the rocker moulding.

Jambo Paint Color

Matching the Jambo Topaz Gold Metallic paint is not easy. Most 2H formulas available today are too gold. We have undertaken a detailed study to find the best paint. You can read about that here. The official Jambo Registry Topaz Gold Metallic repaint color is BASF Limco 2H.

Jambo Rocker Moulding (or Molding)

Jambo rockers are supposed to be black, not clear aluminum or chrome. We have studied this in detail and you can read about it here.

Jambo #0152 Restoration

Jambo #0152 was restored by Austin Jeeps. Austin Jeeps is the premier Jeep restoration company in Texas and arguably the best in the world. Mike Jewell, at Austin Jeeps, has been restoring Jeep CJs for nearly four decades and knows more about CJs than just about anyone. He was the first to reproduce Jeep CJ decals, which you can find at Golden Eagle Decals.

Below we provide some photos that document the restoration of Jambo #0152.

Jambo #0152's current owner, Eric bickel, purchased her in 2006 in Dallas, Texas. Below are some photos from that time. Notice that #0152 was in good shape to begin with. You have to start with something good. No rust problems, but there was some body damage--35 years on the road will do that to you. #0152 did not have a top and was missing the original driver's and rear seat.

Just after buying #0152, Eric started this website! Eric then took care of Jambo #0152 and collected parts for 10 years. That included finding original seats, tire cover, spare tire, winch, brush guard, AM/FM/CB--everything to bring it back to being orginal. Then in May 2016, he contacted Mike Jewell at Austin Jeeps to begin the restoration. Below are pictures from the day #0152 was moved up to Mike's shop in Sunrise Beach, Texas. Eric also bought a hard top from Austin Jeeps and decided to use this rather than a softop because of the additional protection it provides.

Below are some pictures of #0152 after it was taken apart, stripped, and primed. The first picture is one of Mike Jewell with #0152.

We then had to find the correct paint color. That was a very long process. You can read about that here.

Below are pictures after we painted all the part body parts.

Below are pictures after #0152 was put back together.

Here is #0152 nearing completion:

Then we put the decals on!

We finished up in March 2017. Yes, it was a long process, but it was worth it! Here is the final product!


You can find more pictures of the final product here.

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