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This page contains general CJ and Jambo-specific documents. These documents are for personal use only and may not be published on other websites or archived online.

1976-1986 CJ Documents

1976-1986 Paint Codes
1981-1986 Trim Codes, 1974-1980 Trim Codes
1976-1986 Hard Top Paint Codes: Ditzler...White = 8855. Black = 9443. Beige = 24163. Brown = 24843 (Thank you Dan Drimmie!)

Click here for the 1981-1986 Jeep Parts Catalog. This pdf is searchable!

6 Cyl Wiring Diagram

Sales Catalogs
1976 Jeep Sales Catalog
1977 Jeep Sales Catalog
1978 Jeep Sales Catalog
1979 Jeep Sales Catalog
1980 Jeep Sales Catalog
1981 Jeep Sales Catalog (CJ Only)
1982 Jeep Sales Catalog
1983 Jeep Sales Catalog
1984 Jeep Sales Catalog
1985 Jeep Sales Catalog
1986 Jeep Sales Catalog

Accessory Catalogs
1979 Jeep Accessory Catalog
1980 Jeep Accessory Catalog
1981 Jeep Accessory Catalog
1982 Jeep Accessory Catalog
1983 Jeep Accessory Catalog

1982 CJ Documents

Here are links to the 1982 Jeep Technical Service Manuals: Chassis, Engine, and Body.

Marketing Material
here for 1982 Jeep pricing.
Click here for the 1982 CJ sales flyer.
Click here for the reduced version (CJs only) of the 1982 Jeep Sales brochure.
Click here for the 1982 Jeep accessories catalog. This is a large file. Good luck finding this stuff!

Paint & Trim
Click here for the 1982 trim codes (1EN = Jambo)
Click here for the original paint colors

Here is the paint chip chart that appeared in the 1982 Data/Color/Trim Book. Notice that the dealer hand wrote that 2H is a Wagoneer color only.
Here is the selection of 1982 seat colors.

Data/Color/Trim Documents

1982 Jeep Vehicle Ordering Guide and Price List click here
1982 Jeep Basic Specification and VIN click here
1982 Jeep Vehicle Weights click here
1982 Jeep Engine/Transmission/Axle Ratio Availability click here
1982 Jeep High Altitude Regions, Sound Areas, Bumper Requirements click here
1982 CJ Seat, Trim & Color Availability click here
1982 CJ Standard Equipment click here
1982 CJ Factory Installed Regular Production Options click here

Other Information

Soft Tops

Click here for Whitco 4105/4107 soft top installation instructions.
Check here for Whitco 5105/5107 soft top installation instructions (this is the Jambo soft top).
here for Teddy Rough Rider directions for the care of your Whitco soft top.

Click here for the 1980s Bestop Convertible soft top installation instructions.


Here is a copy of the Ramsey 2000/2001 owners manual.
are the installation instructions for the Ramsey 2000/2001 light-weight mounting kit.
Here are the installation instructions for the Ramsey 2000/2001 standard mounting kit.

Jambo Documents

Internal Jeep Documents
Here are copies of the Product Direction Letters that defined the Jambo (provided by Jim Allen): PDL1, PDL2a, PDL2b.
Here are copies of the letters sent to dealers regarding the Jambo:
Jambo Annoucement and Jambo Revision.

Marketing Materials
Click here for a copy of the original Jambo sales brochure. This details the Jambo's standard features and includes great color pictures. Notice that main pictures feature a Jambo with no antenna, but there is a small picture showing a Jambo with an antenna. These pictures must have been taken at different times. The Jambo did not come with a radio from the factory. So, it makes sense that the main pictures show a Jambo without an antenna. However, the smaller pics show the optional dealer-installed AM/FM/CB and an antenna.

The Spring/Summer 1982 edition of Jeep News ran a special on the upcoming 30th Jeepers Jamboree and includes a full-page Jambo ad.

AMC had a sweepstakes in 1982 with a new Jamboree as first prize. Here is the flyer. Diana Falcone, of Midland, Texas, won the sweepstakes and drove her prize on the Rubicon during the 1982 Jeepers Jamboree. Later Jeep lowered the pricing of CJs and updated this flyer.

Here is the sales flyer that dealers had, which summarized the Jambo equipment.

Here is a copy of the original Jambo advertisement. This ad ran in the 1982 Spring/Summer issue of Jeep News. This also appears in Jim Allen's book.

Here is a copy of a Jambo flyer put together by the Jeep Parts Division.

Here is the "Jambo" accessories poster.

Here is a picture of a banner that dealers had to advertise the Jambo sweepstakes.

Owner's Materials
Check out the certificate of authenticity that came with each Jambo. Thanks to Tom Timbario for providing this.
Here is a copy of the letter provided to owners. Thanks to Tom Timbario for providing this.
Here is a copy of an original Jambo window sticker. Thanks to Capt. Pete for providing this!

Jeepers Jamboree Info

Here is a map of the Rubicon trail.
Here is the mailing that Jeepers Jamboree sent out in 1981 to market the 1982 Jeepers Jamboree!

Other Jambo Related Info

Here is the 1983 accessories catalog, which features a Topaz Gold Metallic Jeep on the front without the Jambo lettering. This catalog came out in July 1982, which is just at the end of the Jambo production run and the end of the 1982 model year. The basis for this catalog must have been a picture of Jambo #2000 without the Jamboree lettering.


Jambo Decals
Jambo Badge Placement
Antenna Placement


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