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Exterior Color -- 2H Topaz Gold (Wagoneer Color)
Jeep planned to paint all Jambos Topaz Gold Metallic (2H), just like they had painted all the '79 CJ-5 Silver Anniversaries a single color. Only Jambos could be painted Topaz Gold Metallic, which had been reserved for the Wagonner. The picture to the left is a roll bar exposed for the first time after 35 years. We think it gives a good view of the actual paint color. It is Topaz Gold, not Gold Topaz (many off-the shelf 2H formulas are much too gold). Later Jeep painted about 80 Jambos Olympic White
The 1982 Jeep Paint Colors are shown on the right. The Jambos were orginally all supposed to be Topaz Gold Metallic (2H). Later, Jeep allowed Jambos to be ordered in Olympic White (9B).

Please note that the scan of the paint swatches distorts the colors and removes an reflective properties. For example, 2H looks too flat and too brown in this swatch.

We believe that Jambos #0001-#0450 were all painted 2H. Starting with Jambo #0451 (we think), Jeep allowed 9B. About 40% of the Jambos between #0451 and around #0700 were painted Olympic White. In total, about 570 Jambos were 2H and 80 were 9B.

What is important about the Topaz Gold Metallic Jambos is that color was never used for any other CJs. It was used on the Wagonner. In fact, AMC only offered a gold color in 1972-1973 (490-Butterscotch Gold) and 1982 (1D-Autumn Gold). Olympic White was offered 1979-1986 and, before that, Alpine White (G7) was offered 1975-1978.

Restricting the use of 2H to the Jamboree is the same approach Jeep used with the '79 Silver Anniversary. In this case, they painted the Sivers Quicksliver Metallic (8C). This particular silver was not used on other CJs. However, other silver metallics were available through the years. For example, 9J-Arrowhead Silver Metallic was also avaialble in 1979. This can make it challening to identify a Silver Anniversary. In contrast, gold metallic paint is a strong indication you are looking at a Jambo.


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