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Jambo Registry Recommended Links

Here we list some links to recommended websites. These might have parts for sale, Jeeps for sale, or provide additional information of interest to Jambo owners.

If you think your site should be listed here please email us at jambo152@82jambo.com.

For Sale: Parts and Jeeps

The Jambo Registry, This site, which has rare Jambo-specific parts for sale
The Silver Registry, Our sister site, which tracks the 1979 Silver Anniversary CJ-5

Austin Jeeps, Parts and Jeep CJs
Golden Eagle Decals, Jambo and other decals
CJ5.com, Parts and Jeeps
Rudy's Classic CJs, Parts and Jeep CJs
CJ Jeep Builders, Restorations
Certifiable Jeep, Parts and Jeeps
J&G's Classic CJs, Reproduction CJ parts
Mr. CJs, CJ Parts
Storks Plows, CJ Parts
General Spring, Replacement OEM-like CJ springs
Steering Column Pros, Rebuilt CJ steering columns
The Jeep Farm, CJs
Just Dashes, Dash Repair
Island Jeeps, CJ Parts

Jeep CJ Information

The Jambo Registry, This site, which has lots of info on the Jambo, but also general CJ info
The Silver Registry, Our sister site, which tracks the 1979 Silver Anniversary CJ-5
Certifiable Jeep, Jeep information
Wikipedia CJ page,  Has information regarding all CJs and includes production info for Jambo and Silver Anniversary
Planet Houston AMX, Focused on the AMX, but has lots of AMC info
AMC Vendors, List of AMC and some Jeep vendors
CJ Restoration, Here is a nice, if somewhat dated, article on CJ restoration

VIN Decoders: 1981 - 1986   1972 - 1980

Engine Codes: AMC
Jeep Transmissions
Jeep Engines (I4, I6 and V8)
Jeep Axle Identifier Guide

Tire Size Calculator
How to test your guages

Links Provided by Future Jeepers!

History of the Jeep (A special thank you to James and Ms. Chambers' Class for suggesting this link!)
The Ulimate Jeep Wrangler Page (Special thanks to Adrian and Ms. Taylor for suggesting this link!)
Enthusists Guide to the World of Wranglers (Special thanks to Jared and Ms. Werner for suggesting this link!)

Other Information

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