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Jambo Books, Gear, and Parts for Sale

This page lists books, gear, and parts that either we have for sale or that you can find elsewhere. If you want to purchase any of these things, please send an email to jambo152@82jambo.com.

Jambo Registry Books and Magazines for Sale

Here are some great books and magazines that feature the Jambo! If you are a Jambo fan or collector, you need to have these items and keep them with your Jambo. Everything below is out of print and hard to find. We have looked over the last 10 years and only a few extra copies (in some cases only one extra) and when they are gone, they're gone!

Jeepers Jamboree: The First 30 Years by Peg Presba, 1983. Signed by the author! Missing dust jacket.

This book has several pictures of Jambos on the Rubicon trail during the 30th Anniversary of the Jeepers Jamboree in July 1982. This includes a color picture of the Jamboree that was given away at Rubicon Springs! Also includes two-page advertisement of the Jambo!

This book is out of print and nearly impossible to find. Here is an Amazon link.

If you want to show your Jambo or show it off you must have this book.

$149 + $15 shipping (in US only)
Jeep Collector's Library by Jim Allen, 2002.

Jim Allen has been very supportive of this site and the Jambo. He is without a doubt the best Jeep historian. Please support Jim buy purchasing his books!

This book features Jambo #0012 on the cover! It also discusses the Jambo and includes a nearly full page Jambo advertisement. Also has lots of great stats on CJ production and equipment.

This book is out of print and very hard to find. If you try to order it on Amazon they will ship you the 2004 edition (below), which does NOT have a Jambo on the cover.

If you want to show your Jambo or show it off, this book is an absolute must!

$49 + $10 shipping (in US only)
Jeep Collector's Library by Jim Allen, 2004.

Jim Allen has been very supportive of this site and the Jambo. He is without a doubt the best Jeep historian. Please support Jim buy purchasing his books!

This is the 2004 edition of the book above. Unfortunately, it does not have a Jambo on the cover. However, the book still discusses the Jambo and includes a nearly full page Jambo advertisement. Also has lots of great stats on CJ production and equipment.

This book is out of print. You can find it on Amazon for around $30.

$20 + $10 shipping (in US only)
November 1982 issue of Peterson's 4Wheel & Offroad

This issue covers the 30th Anniversary of the Jeepers Jamboree! It includes the one of only two known color photos of a Jambo outside of the showroom, which was taken during the 1982 event. It also has several black and white photos of Jambos, including a picture of three Topaz Gold Metallic Jambos being prepared to hit the Rubicon in 1982. These pictures are featured on our Jambo History page.

This magazine is incredibly rare and in excellent condition. This is for the serious Jambo collector only.

$99 + $5 shipping (in US only)
July 2016 issue of Le Magazine de la Jeep

This issue features a full length story on Jambo #0157, which is located in Monaco! It has over 20 great color photos of this Jambo. Several photos show this Jambo on the bay in Monaco. If you are into Jambos you should have this magaine. You won't be able to read the article, since it is in French, but it is still great. And, look at that cover! The French know how to get a guy's attention!

Limited supply!

$15 + $5 shipping (in US only)

1982 Production Information & Data Book

Very hard to find. Includes factory information on Jeep vehicles. This copy only includes sections for the CJ-5/CJ-5 and Scrambler (pages 1-10 out of 14).

$69 + $5 shipping (in US only)

Jambo Registry Gear for Sale

Here are some items that can help tie your Jambo to the Jeepers Jamboree! We think this is important because when people, even serious Jeep guys, see Jambos they have no idea what a "Jamboree" is. They have heard of Renegade, Laredo, Golden Eagle, and perhaps Golden Hawk. But, Jamboree? By placing these items on your Jambo you will be able to link the name of the Jeep to the event--just like the Rubicon, which people today do know.

Reproduction Dash Plaque from the 1st Jeepers Jamboree in Georgetown, CA, which was held August 29-30, 1953.

We encourage Jambo owners to place these dash plaques on their Jambos to better tie the Jamboree to the Jeepers Jamboree and the Rubicon trail. This will increase the value of your Jambo and increase awareness of the Jambo.

$5 + $3 shipping (in US only); Free with parts or book order.
Reproduction Dash Plaque from the 30th Jeepers Jamboree in Georgetown, CA, which was held July 22-25, 1982.

This is the event that gave birth to the Jambo! Show your pride and knowledge of your vehicle's history by placing the plaque on your dash. This will increase the value of your Jambo and increase awareness of the Jambo.

$5 + $3 shipping (in US only); Free with parts or book order.
Jeepers Jamboree "The Grand Daddy" (and Devil's Playground) windshield sticker.

While this is clearly a non-OEM item, we encourage owners to place this windshield sticker on their Jambos. This will help to tie your Jambo to the Jeepers Jamboree and the history of the Jambo. People will know there is something really special about your Jambo!

$15 + $5 shipping (in US only)
30th Anniversary Jeepers Jamboree Belt Buckle from 1982!

The Jeepers Jamboree produced commemorative belt buckles for the 30th Anniversary. They were numbered, just like the Jambos! This is buckle #0985.

If you are a serious Jambo guy, you've got to have this one-of-a-kind memento!

$75 + $5 shipping (in US only)
30th Anniversary Jeepers Jamboree Patch (reproduction)

The patch of the left is an NOS 30th Anniversary patch from 1982. The patch on the right is a reproduction produced by The Jambo Registry. Patches are 2.5 inches in diameter.

$5 + $2 shipping (in US only)
Jambo T-Shirt

Show off your Jambo pride and your knowledge of history with this specially produced Jambo G-shirt. This shirt was developed with the special approval of the Jeepers Jamboree.

The front features the AMC logo and special Jamboree designation found on the full-page Jambo advertisment from 1982.

The back features the special 30th Anniverisary Jeepers Jamboree logo used in 1982. This is the same logo that appears on the NOS patch above.

Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

Very limited prodution run. Produced right here in Austin, Texas, USA!

$20 + $5 shipping (in US only) 

Jambo Registry Parts for Sale

We are nearing completion of the restoration of Jambo #0152 and have some parts left over. This list is below. If you would like to purchase anything please email jambo152@82jambo.com.

Refurbished Black Rocker Molding

Jambos are supposed to have black rockers, not clear aluminum or chrome. If you want your Jambo to be stock or close to it you must have black rockers.

The top rocker in the picture to the right is a New Old Stock (NOS) black rocker that is at least 35 years old and was never installed. The rocker on the bottom our refurbished black rocker. The color match is very, very, close. The original rockers were anodized, which fades. The refurbished rockers are powder coated. The refurbished rocker will last many, many, years.

We have several sets of reburbished rockers. These are NOT NOS rockers (NOS rockers will run you $800+, if you can find a set, or $300+ for a single side). They are 35+ years old and don't look like they just came from the factory, but most of them look nearly like NOS. We use the following grades:

A--Nearly looks like an NOS rocker. Very few imperfections. What imperfections exist are difficult to see (e.g., on bottom side or inside).

B--Some visible imperfections or slight dents/bends. These do not effect the function of the rocker, but may be slightly visible.

C--Significant imperfections in the form of dents or scrapes. These are visible. These rockers are good for your off-road Jambo, but are not show quality.

Here is what we have for sale:

A/A set (both rockers graded A): $499
A/B set (one rocker A and one B): $249
C/C set (both rockers C): $100

 + $25 shipping (in US only); will give $100 core credit if you send us your current OEM faded black rockers (must be straight, dent/scrape free, and no chrome). So, you can get the C/C set for just $25 shipping!
Marchal 850 Stone Covers

This is a used set of Marchal 850 stone covers. They are NOT NOS and have signs of wear.

If you know Jambos, you know how hard these are to find. You might see them on eBay for $200 each.

Top Row Set: $100 + $10 shipping (in US only)
Bottom Row Set: $120 + $10 shipping (in US only)
15x7 Chrome Wheels

Set of four 15x7 Wheels with 5x5.5 pattern, drilled for center caps. These are the same wheels used on the Jambo. These are date 8-12-83. So, they did not come off a Jambo, but are the correct wheels.

Very good condition.

$599 + $100 shipping (in US only)
Center Caps

Set of center caps for 15x7 wheels. Good condition, but the Jeep lettering has faded on the rears.

$100+ $20 shipping (in US only)
Factory Chrome Tow Hooks

Set of factory tow hooks for the from bumper. These are the same tow hooks shown in the 1982 Accessories Catalog.

$99 + $15 shipping (in US only)
Factory Correct Argent Silver Hood Catches

CJ hood catches are supposed to be Argent Silver, not stainless or chrome. Argent Silver was heavily by AMC or trim pieces, such as grilles on their passenger cars. Show your knowledge and create an A+ restoration with these factory hood catches. Very limited supply.

$99 + $10 shipping (in US only) 
Jambo Steering Wheel

Super hard to find. This one is a good shape. The Jeep logo is a bit faded, but its 35 years old.

$150 + $15 shipping (in US only)
Jambo AM/FM/CB

Just like in the sales brochure! This is the Jambo CB. Working (see picture).

Includes knobs, which are very hard to find. Does not include antenna splitter, bezel, mic. You can find another splitter or run an AM/FM/CB all-in-one antenna. Or, not hook up the CB. Any CB mic will work. Bezzel is harder to find. Shafts are slightly bent. You can't really tell, but if you look close while rotating knobs you can see a wobble. Not a big deal.

$299 + $25 shipping (in US only
Ramsey 2001 Winch Remote --

The correct Jambo winch remote. Hard to find. You can find a picture of the wrong remote here.

$50 + $10 shipping (in US only)
Jambo Radio Repair Piece

If you are restoring a Jambo, chances are the dash has been cut for an aftermarket radio. If so, you will need to repair it by using an original uncut dash, which, guess what, are hard to find--for the same reason yours is cut.

Use this piece to repair your dash. Cheaper than buying an entire dash.

$50 + $10 shipping (in US only)
Jambo Saddle Bags!

Very hard to find! These are the real deal--original Whitco saddle bags. A must have if you want to have the original Jambo look.

These are a bit stiff and have some cracking. They should shine up and will look the part. You could get them repaired at an upholstery shop.

$150 + $10 shipping (in US only)
Jambo Tire Cover! -- SOLD!

The holy grail of Jambo finds. Some guys will buy an entire Jambo just to get this baby.

This one is, of course, used. It is stiff and cracked, but it's the real deal (not a reproduction). Add this to your collection so that you can say you have one and then run a reproduction for daily use.

$300 + $10 shipping (in US only)

Parts for Sale Elsewhere

BRAND NEW Marchal 850 Stone Covers!

Candlepower has brought Marchal 850/852/859 fog light covers (stone covers) back into production! The are only $99 per set of two!

If you know Jambos, you know how hard these are to find. New Old Stock covers sell for $150+.

Here is your chance to get new covers, but production is limited. Here is a link to Candlepower's site on eBay.

$99 from Candlepower
1982 Jambo G-shirt!

Super cool shirt. Does not have the "right" optional equipment, but still a very cool shirt!

Here is the link.
Golden Eagle Decals

Need hood decals? Mike at Golden Eagle Decals has the absolute best Jambo decals. These are the orginal reproduction decals. Mike created these years ago based on original Jeep decals. This is as close to NOS as you will ever get. They are perfect, I mean perfect!

Don't trust any other source! Their decals are not correct!

Make sure to tell Mike that The Jambo Registry sent ya!


Jim Diamond, at CJ5.COM, is a Jeep expert. He has TONS of very hard to find parts for your rare CJ. Please call or email him today! Tell them The Jambo Registry sent ya!

(609) 654-5070, jim@cj5.com

You can visit their website by clicking here.

J&G's Classic Jeep CJs

J&G Classic Jeeps specializes in parts for CJs built from the 1970's to 1986. They have access to OVER 12,000 PARTS FOR CJs & other Jeeps at DEEP DISCOUNT PRICES. They sell SOME NOS STOCK.

FOR ORDERS & QUESTIONS CALL: 734-624-4775, Email them at flyboyforcjs@wowway.com . Tell 'em The Jambo Registry sent ya.

You can visit their eBay store by clicking here.

CJ-7 (Reproduction) Carpet Kit

As far as we know, nobody makes a true reproduction CJ-7 carpet kit. However, this set is close. For example, it includes the dielectrically bonded driver's side heel pad, just like original factory carpet.

This set is made by ACC. Make sure you get black.

You can buy this on eBay or you can call them directly.

 $277.00 + shipping. Contact them at 866-850-5465. Tell them that The Jambo Registry sent ya.

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