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Here are the accessories I have for sale to complete Jambo #0693 as it should be -- and some fun stuff too.

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Must-Have Jambo History and Books
1982 4Wheel & Off-Road Featuring 30th Anniversary Event and Pictures of Jambos! $50

Jim Allen Jeep Collector's Library with Jambo on front cover. $40

Peg Presba book documenting the first 30 years of the Jeepers Jamboree and the 30th Anniversity Event with Jambo pictures. $75

Jambo Belt Buckles
These are from the 30th Anniversary event. Each one is numbered, like the Jambo. The numbers are 397 (upper left), 574 (upper right), 399 (lower left), and 617 (lower right).

$75 each.
Hard doors off a 1982 Olympic White CJ-7 that was made within a few days of Jambo #0693. Notice that these doors have the wind wings (vents). This is right when Jeep introduced these and only a few Jambos had them. These doors are from Colorado and are in great shape.

Jambo #0693 was originally a hard top and needs to be restored as a hard top. The dash pad on Jambo #0693 has indendations for the vents. See below.

NOS Jeep Storage Box
Storage box for behind the rear seat. Fatanstic additional. This one is on great condition. Super hard to find.

The Jambo AM/FM radio with CB. Includes hard to find spliter and NOS mic. Make it just like the pictures. Crazy.

NOS Marchal Lights and Switch
Left: Marchal 850s with covers. These are for the bumper (fog lights). $600
Middle: March 859s with covers. These are for the light bar (spot lights). Super hard to find. $800
Right: NOS Marchal switch. Hard to find a Marchal switch period, much less NOS. $200
Ramsey 2000/2001 Jambo Winch
Very hard to find a Ramsey winch. Needs to be restored. Restore this one and put it on #0313.

NOS Ramsey 2000/2001 Jambo Winch
Very hard to find a Ramsey winch, period. This one is NOS and includes NOS controller.

NOS Ramsey 2000/2001 Jambo Winch Mounting Kit
Impossible to find. This is not the light-weight kit that appears in the Jambo pictures. This is the standard kit. Ronnie could make slight modification to get this to fit with brush guard.

I have one complete kit (minus hardware) and one partially complete kit. Ronnie could make the missing parts based on the complete kit. I will only sell together.

Both Kits: $750

I also have a bag of NOS Ramsey bolts, nuts, washers, etc. $100
Jambo Brush Guards
The real deal, not repops.
Top: Brush guard with non-winch grille guard $2000

Middle: Brush guard with grille guard that could be modified for Ramsey winch. $1500

Bottom: Brush guard with no grille guard. $1000
NOS Jambo Bumper
I don't want to unwrap this unless you are serious about buying it. This is an NOS chrome bumper, not a Chinese reproduction.

Whitco Rollbar Pad and Saddle Bags
The real deal. Not repops.

Rollbar cover is in good shape, but not perfect. $300

Saddle Bags are in good shape, almost NOS.  $400
 Whitco Bikini Top and NOS Channel
The channel (NOS) to install a bikini top and a Whitco bikini top in the special storage bag. I have never seen another one--ever.

Channel $150
Bikini $500 
Dash Pads
The dash pad on #0313 is incorrect. Look at the old pictures of it. It used to have thick ends. The thick end pads were used before Jeep introduced vents on the hard doors. This happened around May 1982, after #0313 was produced. It looks like Ronnie put in a repop dash pad. I'd replace it with the correct thick-end pad. These are not in reproduction. The only way to get this is to use an original. Super hard to find. I have two. I would sell one, but don't want to unwrap it unless you are serious. $500

Thin-end dash pad. This is that #0693 has. This would be a backup. You can get these as repops, but they stink.
Used Set of Jambo Seat Covers
The real deal. Say that you have the original covers to go with #0313 and not just repop seats. Some of the seat pans are not in super shape, but it is still the real deal.

Jambo #0152
The one that started it all. Featured in Four Wheeler. Restored with factory NOS parts. Correct hood and windshield.

We might be downsizing with the kids going off to college. You could have the premier Jambo collection. Maybe one for you, your wife, and your brother-in-law. :-)

More pictures here.

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