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Jambo Parts -- Ramsey Winch

Ramsey Electric Winch and Mounting Kit
The Ramsey winch was a dealer-installed option. The correct model is the Ramsey 2000/2001 8000-lb electric winch. This has a 4-way roller-type fairlead (model 2001), rather than a hawse fairlead (model 2000). The Ramsey 2000/2001 is a worm-gear winch, not a planetary gear winch, like the REP 8000.

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According to the 1981-1986 Parts Catalog, the Ramsey winch was model 2000 or 2001. The model 7901 was the hidden winch used on the Jeep trucks.

The model 2000 has a hawse fairlead. The model 2001 has a roller-type fairlead.

Here are the pages from the parts catalog.

The winch parking/turn lights are Peterson 410-2, not 410A.

The Ramsey Model 2000

The Model 2000/2001 was replaced by the RE8000 in the late 80s, early 90s. Ramsey still makes the RE8000 24V, but not the 12V. Here is the original Model 2000 owners manual.

There were two mounting kits for the Model 2000. A standard kit (part #2634) and a lightweight kit (part #295029 or part #2644). Sometime after 1981, we think Jeep used part #295029 instead of #2644. The lightweight kit is what appers in the Jambo pictures. Here are instructions for the mounting kits: 2634 and 295029. Here are the mounting instructions for kit 2644. This is identical to 295029, but this instructions are a bit nicer.

The RE8000 is very similar to the Model 2000, but not identical. The primary, and important, difference, is the shape of the worm-gear housing and the associated gasket. The Model 2000 had a circular housing, where the RE8000 has a "keyhole" shape. That being said, much of the rest of the winch is similar and the manuals are still helpful:

RE8000 Owners Manual 1
RE8000 Owners Manual 2
RE8000 Parts List
RE8000 Accessories
RE8000 Troubleshooting

Ramsey Date Codes

Ramsey is able to tell you the production date for your winch based on the serial number. However, they do not have this information in electronic form. So, they have to go look it up in their archives. In an effort to help owners estimate the production date of their winches, we obtained prodution dates for four Model 2000 winches. This data, along with a best fit, is shown below.

The data is remarkabely linear. The equation is y = 0.014x + 25368, where y is the production date (in days since 1/1/1900) and x is the Ramsey serial number. The best fit line has a slope of 0.014, which means Ramsey produced 1000 winches every 14 days, or 70 winches per day. We believe this data applies to all Ramsey winches, not just the Model 2000.

The point labled #0525 is the winch on Jambo #0525, which we believe was installed by the dealer at the time of purchase. This winch was produced in July 1981. Jambo #0525 was produced in early March 1982. So, it appears that there was an inventory of winches around this time. The other three data points are winches owned by Bickel (#0152).

Based on this data, original Jambo-age Ramsey winches should have serial numbers between about 313000 (June 1, 1981) and 343505 (July 31, 1982).

If you have a Ramsey 2000 winch, please call Ramsey technical support (800-777-2760), get the production date, and email us (jambo152@82jambo.com) the production date and the serial number.

If you want to estimate the production date of your winch, here is an example of what to do:

1. Get your serial number. Suppose it is 333000.

2. Plug your serial number in for x in the equation above. The answer y is the production date in days since 1/1/1900 (yes 1900). y = 30,016 days since 1/1/1900.

4. Divide the answer in (3) by 365.25 (to account for leap years) to yield the prodution date in years since 1900. y = 82.18 years since 1/1/1900. So, 1982 plus 0.18 years.

5. Take the factional part of this answer and multiply by 12. So, 0.18 * 12 =  2.16, which means the second month. Therefore, the winch was produced in February 1982. 

Overhauling the Model 2000

The RE12000 is a 12-000 lb version of the RE8000. Here is a overhaul guide for the RE12000, which is helpful for the Model 2000.

Another closely related winch, which is still produced, is the Ramsey DC-200. This is a longer drum version of the RE8000. So, you can use the DC-200 manual as a guide for your Model 2000. If you are rebuilding your Model 2000 you can order a kit for the DC-200. The correct item number is 246006. This kit has the correct worm-gear cover gasket. If you need parts, go to the Ramsey store.


Model 2000 Pictures and Brochures

Here are pictures of the boxes from Bickel's (#0152) NOS Ramsey winch and mounting kit:


Below is an ad from the 1980s for the Ramsey 2000/2001 winch. The mount shown is the standard, not the lightweight mount.

Here is an ad for the Model 2000 showing the same mount as used on the Jambo:

Here is a brochure for the Ramsey 2000/2001 winch (the full brochure is here):

Here is a brochure for the incorrect REP 8000:

Below are some close-up pictures of the NOS (New Old Stock) Ramsey 2001 winch and NOS mounting kit used on #0152. Yes, an NOS Ramsey winch and mounting kit from the 1980s!

If you are looking for the right winch or parts, make sure to look at the pictures above. Below are pictures of the remote. The correct remote is on the left. The (newer) incorrect remote is on the right. We have the correct remote for sale.

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