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Jambo Parts -- Ramsey Winch

Ramsey Electric Winch and Mounting Kit
The Ramsey winch was a dealer-installed option. The correct model is the Ramsey 2000/2001 8000-lb electric winch. This has a 4-way roller-type fairlead (model 2001), rather than a hawse fairlead (model 2000). The Ramsey 2000/2001 is a worm-gear winch, not a planetary gear winch, like the REP 8000.

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According to the 1981-1986 Parts Catalog, the Ramsey winch was model 2000 or 2001. The model 7901 was the hidden winch used on the Jeep trucks.

The model 2000 has a hawse fairlead. The model 2001 has a roller-type fairlead.

Here are the pages from the parts catalog.

Here are pictures of the boxes from Bickel's (#0152) NOS Ramsey winch and mounting kit:


Here is an ad from the 1980s for the Ramsey 2000/2001 winch:

Here is a brochure for the Ramsey 2000/2001 winch (the full brochure is here):

Here is a brochure for the incorrect REP 8000:

Below are some close-up pictures of the NOS (New Old Stock) Ramsey 2001 winch and NOS mounting kit used on #0152. Yes, an NOS Ramsey winch and mounting kit from the 1980s!

If you are looking for the right winch or parts, make sure to look at the pictures above. Here is a picture of the incorrect remote:

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