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Jambo Parts -- Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher (Pending Engineering Approval of Mounting/Location)
We are not sure where the fire extinguisher was mounted or if it was ever approved for installation in the Jambo. We have never seen an OEM fire extinguisher mounted in a Jambo. In addition, we have checked with four original Jambo owners and none of their Jambos came with a fire extinguisher.

However, we do have a picture of 1980 CJ-7 that has a factory fire extinguisher mounted under the passenger seat. Since it was approved in 1980, this does suggest the Jambos should have had a fire extinguisher. You can read more about that here.
To the right is a picture of a factory-mounted fire extinguisher in a 1980 CJ-7.

This picture is from the article "Jeep CJ-5 vs CJ-7: Comparison Test" that appeared in the July 1979 issue of Four Wheeler.

In the article, they state "CJ-7 had a neat optional fire extinguisher mounted under the front passenger seat. Unfortunately, some previous tester had jumped CJ-7 so hard it broke the fire extinguisher mount and we had to super-tape it in place, as extinguisher was rolling around on the floor when we got vehicle."



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