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Jambo Parts -- Instrumment Panel Pad

Instrument Panel Pad
Most Jambo instrument panel (or dash) pads had thick ends. The thin-end pad was for CJs whose hard doors had wind wings (vents). Jeep introduced vents near the end of the 1982 model year. We believe that all Jambos made before mid-June 1982 had dash pads with thick ends. After this date, some Jambos did come with thin-end dash pads and hard doors with vents. Some Jambos had thin end dash pads without hard doors. Jeep seems to have been somewhat inconsistent on this. They were consistent in the sense that hard doors with vents got the thin-end dash pad. However, having a thin-end dash pad does not mean your Jambo had hard doors with vents. The pad with thick ends is very hard to find now.

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We believe that CJ-7s made before mid-June 1982 (serial number  60,000) had hard doors without movable vents (wind wings). Therefore, their dash pad had thick ends (Part # J576 0456).

After mid-June 1982, Jeep introduced the vents, which required the thin-end dash pad (Part # J576 0458). As we discuss below, movable vents were new for the 1982 model year.

It is not true that all CJs with hard tops had pads with thin ends. Prior to June 1982 all hard-top CJ-7s came with doors that did not have vents. The vents are what matters, not the fact that it had a hard top.

Here is the page from the parts catalog.

Analysis of Movable Vents and Thin-End Dash Pads

According to the 1982 Jeep Product Data and Information Book, movable hard door vents were introduced in 1982. This is detailed on the page below, which is also available here. This page was printed in August 1981 (see lower left corner). We do not know why it took Jeep until mid-June 1982 to begin using the movable vents. Perhaps their supplier could not provide the vents earlier in the model year. Or, perhaps they had a supply of non-movable-vent hard doors that needed to be used first.

This later hypothesis seems probable because Jeep sales were very low in 1982. 1982 was the worst sales year for CJs between 1976 and 1985. Only 1986 was lower, which was the final year of CJ production. 1982 CJ-7 sales were down 14% from 1981 and 39% from 1980.

So, our best guess is that Jeep planned to use vents in 1982, but did not do so until suppliers had exhausted the supply of non-movable vents. The dash pad is a seperate issue. Jeep could have started using thin-end pads earlier if they had a supply of them, even for CJ-7s without movable vents or CJ-7s with soft tops. The later appears to have happened (see below). Most new owners with thin-end dash pads would have no idea if the dash pad matched the door configuration--or, some owners may have had dual tops (or iron sides) and needed the thin end pad for the hard doors.

Here are two pages from the Jeep 1981-1986 Parts catalog that make it clear 1982 was a transition year for movable vents. The first page is for 1981-1982 CJ-7s with fixed vents. The second page is for 1982-1986 CJ-7s with movable vents.


The following Jambos (production dates are estimated--probably good within +/- two weeks) have dash pads with thin ends and in some cases hard doors with vents:

Jambo #0591, produced 06/18/82, thin-end dash pad, but we are not sure if the pad is original

Jambo #0626, produced 06/26/82, thin-end dash pad, but we are not sure if the pad is original

Jambo #0639, produced 07/17/82, thin-end dash pad, soft top, original owner -- proof of 82 thin-end pad

Jambo #0670, produced 07/18/82, thin-end dash pad, hard doors with movable vents -- looks original


Examples from Other Trim Packages or Models

Below is an original 1982 Scrambler with sequential serial number 67636 and an estmiated production date of 07/20/82. Notice vents and the thin-end dash pad.


Here is a 1982 base CJ-7 with sequential serial number 67440 and an estmiated production date of 07/19/82. You can see the vent on the passenger door and the thin-end dash pad on the driver's side.

Here is a 1982 CJ-7 with sequential serial number 64454 and an estmiated production date of 07/03/82. Notice vents and the thin-end dash pad. Current owner bought this CJ from the original owner and confirmed the doors/vents are original. The original (and cracked) thin-end dash pad was replaced with an OEM thin-end pad.


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