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Jambo Parts -- Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning
The original Jambo specs specifically excluded AC. This was because an under-dash AC system required relocating the ashtray to the dash--right where the Jambo badge goes. So, no AC for you! Seriously, it is a convertable! Take the top off if you're hot.

The Jambo Registry believes that Jambos #0031 through #0450 did not include factory AC. However, dealers could have installed AC. After #0450, Jeep allowed AC as a factory option.
The part number for factory air is J812-8122. Dealer installed units were built by American Air and had part number J812-7558.

Here is the page from the parts catalog.

As discussed on the Jambo Definition page, the Jambo Production Direction Letter (PDL) specifically excluded AC as a factory option. You can read this below.

Jeep excluded AC because the installation of AC required relocating the ashtray to the instrument panel (IP). This can be seen in the picture below, from the 1981 Jeep sales brochure. Notice the ashtray in the IP right where the Jambo badge goes! So, no factory AC. This either speaks to the importance of smoking in 1982 or the toughness of Jambo owners.

The Jambo Registry believes that Jambos #0031 through about #0450 conformed to the original specs laid out by Jeep in the Jambo PDLs. Thus, we do not believe that these Jambos came with factory-installed AC. That does not mean that AC could not have been installed by the dealers. Between #0001-#0030 and after #0450, we believe Jeep relaxed the Jambo specs and offered factory-installed AC. The evidence for this in the table below, which accompanied the PDL above. Notice, that someone has scratched out the exclusion of factory-installed AC and has listed it as an available option.

On February 16, 1982, Jeep sent the letter below to dealers, announcing that a pricing change and that AC was available on JAMBOREE models. This letter have been mailed to dealers. Therefore, they likely did not know of this change until the last week of February. Jambo production began the first week of March and those Jambo were batch built. So, we do not believe AC was included in the first group of Jambos (the G group), which included Jambos #0031 - #0442 (maybe #0450).


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