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Jambo Production Date

We would like to pin down the production dates for Jambos. There are two places we can easily check for dates: the production sticker and on the factory wheels (the following are also date stamped: an original window sticker, the radiator, top of the fuel tank, and an original Whitco softtop). The manufacturer production sticker has the production date on it, but it appears to be faded and unreadable on most Jambos. The wheels also have a date stamp; this will tell us when the wheels were made. We will then know the Jambo was not made before this time. However, we suspect we will be able to do a bit more if we can get enough wheel dates.

Production Sticker
This is located inside the tub on the driver's side, just inside the rocker. If your date is readable, please send a picture to jambo152@82jambo.com.

Wheel Date
If you have factory wheels, please check your wheel date. The wheel date is located on the inside of the back of the wheel. You can see it through the front of the wheel, as shown below. The date on these wheels is 2-3-82 (Feb 3, 1982). You will have to look closely and use a flash light. Check all our wheels and send the dates to jambo152@82jambo.com.

Here is a link that shows the location of Jambo VIN tags.

Here is a link that explains Zone Order Numbers.


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