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Jambo Parts -- AM/FM/CB Radio

AM/FM/CB Radio and Antenna
The Jambo did not come with a factory-installed radio. The AM/FM/CB was a dealer-installed option. The same CB was also used in the Wagoneer. As with all OEM radios, it will not fit if your dash has been cut.

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The AM/FM/CB radio used in the CJs was Part # 3235363.

A complete unit includes (shown in picture):
- The AM/FM/CB (upper right)
- AMC-branded mic (center left)
- Splitter for the AM/FM and CB antennas
- Black bezel (far center left)
- Radio knobs (on unit in this picture)

The AM/FM/CB used in the Wagoneer will also fit. The Part # 3235647. The only difference is the bezzel color.

Here is how you wire the AM/FM/CB:

Orange/Brown/Black on Back Left

Brown - Hot

Black - Ground

Orange - Lights


These are the two sets of speaker wires. One set is Left Front/Rear and the other is Right Front/Rear

Coaxial Cable with White Bushing

This goes to the splitter. You can either use a dual-use antenna (Part # J899-3543) or an AM/FM antenna and a CB antenna. If you use a dual-use antenna you just run the splitter to it. The male coax out of the splitter runs to the female input on the righG-hand side of the CB. If you have two antenna then the CB runs to the white coax and the radio antenna runs to the input on the radio.

Cable with Four Holes

This runs to the mic.

It is very important that you do not key the CB mic without a CB antenna attached. If you do this you will likely burn out the modulator.

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