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Trac-Loc Rear Axle
Like all 1976-1986 CJs, the Jambo rear axle was the AMC 20. The Jambo was supposed to come standard with 2.73 gears and the Trac-Loc limited-slip rear differential, designed for use with Jeep's Dana 300 transfer case. The Trac-Loc was an upgrade from the standard open differential, which is no good off-road. However, some lucky Jambo owners, that lived in high-altitude areas, got 3.31 gears. Others got a 2.73 open differential.
1972-1981 CJs are all narrow-track. Their axle width is 53". In 1982, Jeep moved to a wide-track axle for CJ-7s and CJ-8s (the CJ-5 stayed narrow track). The wide-track axles are 56" wide. Wide-track CJs have a noticibly wider stance.

CJs in 1976-1986 all used the AMC 20, which is a semi-floating, two-piece, axle. The AMC 20 has an 8-7/8" ring gear and 29-spline shafts. The AMC 20 was available in a variety of gear ratios.

Jambos were supposed to come standard with 2.73 Trac-Loc differentials, but some came with open diffs and some came with lower gears.

According to the 1981-1986 Parts Catalog, the parts numbers and stamping for the rear axle are (note the first stamps listed are for narrow-track axles--except for the 3.31 Trac-Loc, which is reversed):

J536 3718, 2.73 open, D stamp
J536 3718, 3.31 open, B stamp
J536 3719, 2.73 Trac-Loc, DD stamp
J536 3717, 3.31 Trac-Loc, BB stamp

We have example Jambos for each of the above rear ends. We don't know of any that 3.54, 4.10, and 4.56 gears, but we can't rule them out.

Here is the page from the parts catalog.
Here is the front axle assembly.

Here is a legend for the stamping.
Here is a picture of an AMC 20, showing where the stampping is located. In this case, the stamp is B, whcih means this is a 3.31 open rear end.
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