Scrapped Jambo [#52003] (M-1)

Owner: Richard Dorfmeyer

Location: Omaha, NE

82jambo Notes:

We had this Jambo flagged for a long time because its badge number did not match its VIN. In 2017 we obtained an update on its status.

This Jambo was originally in Colorado and was in good condition (see pics below). It had badge number #0133 on it, but that number did not match the VIN. It appeared that someone had rebadged it. The picture on the left in the second row shows this Jamboree without a badge. We do not know when it was rebadged, but this Jambo was for sale on eBay in 2008. After that time we lost track of it. The owner that bought it off eBay completely destroyed it, as you can see from the more recent pics. In addition to lifting and stripping it, the VIN plate is missing. There is now now way to confirm this was really a Jambo and the current owner will likely use it for parts.

Because of this, we are calling [#52003] scrapped. We are also calling #0133 scrapped because we believe this badge was taken off another, probably scrapped, Jambo.

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