Jambo #0624 (M-3)

Owner: David Atwater

Location: Stockton, CA

Owner Statement:

I have a White Jambo #624.  I bought it from Ken Hicks in 2005.  It has a 6 lift kit and oversized tires, a Warn 10,000# winch was mounted on the front and the original roll bar was added to in front for more protection, fuel injection was also added by Ken to the stock motor, it has the original automatic tranny and the body, aside from a few minor rock tweaks is in good shape with the original paint job and interior.  The jeep has run the Rubicon several times with Ken and Cindy Hicks. There is also a front brush guard with lights, a light bar attached to the windscreen, and small Nerf bars on the side.

I was told that this unit was driven on the Rubicon by a Ford executive to introduce the special edition. (Note: 82jambo.com is research this).

My son and I have done a few trails up California State Route 4, including the Slick Rock with this Jambo.

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