Jambo #0597 (M-3)

Owner: Yannis M. Makarigakis

Location: Pireas, Greece

Owner Statement:

My name is Yannis M. Makarigakis and I live in Pireas, Greece since 1989. I was trying to locate a fan club like yours for several years, and finally accomplished it. I own a 1982 Jamboree #0597, since 1988. I bought my Jamboree in Boston in 1988, second hand. I don't have the certificate and I would like to have one. I will never sell my Jamboree, therefore I'm trying to keep it in a good condition, although it needs some restoration. I have changed the engine, the original 6 cyl was a lemon in fuel and power, this one, a Cherokee 92, is pretty good, 6 cyl, 4000 cc, auto transmission. The 5 speed was breaking every six months. I still have the spare tire over, the saddle bags and the covers of the seats, although I don't use them. I have around 150.000 miles on it. Mechanically is almost perfect now, but the body, especially the driver and co-driver floor needs to be changed. See the first winters in Boston rusted it. The color now is black and tan roof. I believe that mine came with the hardtop and hard doors because it would not be drivable in Boston, besides it has A/C, and the original color of the doors was a perfect match with the rest. In order to maintain it in mint condition after the restoration I will have to drive it at minimum. I have already decided what my next car will be, the 2005 2006 Liberty Renegade, it stands out of the rest.

In Pireas,  24 June 2007
Sincerely yours
Yannis M. Makarigakis

82Jambo Note: Yanis repainted his Jambo recently has sent in updated pictures! (9/30/16)

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