Likely Jambo #0511 (No VIN)

Owner: Joseph Nuccio

Location: Charlotte, NC

Owner's Statement:

I have the original sales invoice and owners manual. It was new sold in West Virginia. I believe I am the 3rd owner. I purchased it used in 2/91'. It is a daily driver. Off-frame restoration/modification was completed in 1996. The "Jamboree" lettering is now paint, not stickers. It was originally Olympic White, but was re-painted Arctic White(89' Corvette White) in restoration

I had mine for 16 years now. #511. White. Have all sales paperwork and manuals. Gone are the stock seats. Still have the rear seat, not installed. Repainted it 10 years ago. Had the lettering scanned and made a stencil. Now the letters are paint. They don't fade. I love my Jamboree and have turned down money every month from some kid with a trust fund who wants to own a Jeep. I tell them to go build one themselves, this one is not for sale. I still have the spare tire cover. Daily driver. I have seen three others over the years. #475 (white) in Columbia, SC. I noticed the plaque on the dash. No hood lettering though. No top. #492 (white) in Ft. Myers, FLA. Rust bucket for sale at a local dealer. Did have tilt steering wheel though. No top. #? (copper). We crossed paths in Charlotte, NC in the mid 90's. Got lost in traffic. Never got to see it up close. Hard top. Glad to know I'm not the only Jamboree owner. __________________ Motojoe

C.O.R.E. Dirtbike, Motocross and ATV School

1982 CJ-7 Jamboree Edition #511 

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No picture of dash plaque.
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