Jambo #0435 (G-2)

Owner: Jeff Gerdes

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Owner's Statement:

I have owned this Jeep since May of 2005.  The speedometer was not working when I bought it, so the miles indicated on it are not the actual mileage.  For those purist's, I bought this CJ with the drive train modifications already done by the previous owner, so I cannot take responsibility for having done them.  Many of the Jamboree specific features are no longer present on this CJ.

The engine is a GM 350 C.I. V-8, the transmission is a Granny Low Ford G-18 four speed with a Jeep Dana 300 transfer case.  The front axle is a Dodge Dana 60 and the rear is a Ford Dana 70, both have Detroit Lockers and 6.16 gear ratio's.  I recently replaced the 44"  TSL Bogger tires with 44" TSL Super Swampers mounted on re-centered and widened H1 double beadlock wheels.  It has appeared in Crawl magazine doing a nose stand at the waterfall in Disney, Oklahoma.  I take it offroad and it will go just about all the same places as a normal short wheelbase Jeep can go and some they can't.  It is my daily driver to work and gets down the road and trail with ease.

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