Lost Possible Jambo #0357 (No VIN)

Owner: Scott Sheffield

Location: Monticello, FL

Owner's Statement:

360 V8 - TH400 automatic - Dana 20 G-case / Dana 30 in front - AMC20 limited slip rear 3.31 ratio DUI ignition with "LiveWire" plug wires. Flowcooler high flow water pump. This Jeep has Headman full headers and true dual exhaust with flowmaster 40 series mufflers.


I came across your site by accident and thought I should let you know how it is doing. I bought it in Oct of 2008 from a man named Jason Scott. The Jeep was in terrible shape, the motor was shot and the entire Jeep had been worked on by a mechanical idiot. I am rebuilding the engine and drivetrain and will e-mail you a picture of it with the tag inside (proof of it being #357) once I get it back from the shop.

Thank you,

Scott Sheffield, P.E.

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