Scapped Jambo #0315 (No VIN)

Owner: Matt Rolison

Location: Derby, KS

Owner's Statement:

I just bought #315,  it is in SAD shape. I am from Derby, KS,  and have had my eye out for one for years.  A buddy of mine had #354 here in town and I tried to buy it but he promised another guy first chance to buy it and he did. It has changed hands again  but is in Wichita and owned by another person I know, I will see if I can get  him to post it.  I plan on restoring it eventually but have a couple more Jeeps on my plate right now.   Your website is Great for Jamboree owners to view and find out more about the Jamboree Edition.   Thanks,  Matt Rolison

82Jambo Note:

We are sorry to report that Matt passed away in 2014. #0315 was then sold without its hood and badge. The hood was later sold seperately. We are calling this Jambo scrapped.

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