Jambo #0301 (G-3)

Owner: B. Gentle

Location: -, OR

Owner Statement: 
Great site!!! I’ve been looking for more information on the Jamborees and glad to see you put this together. I purchased #301, 7+ years ago in great original condition (except for cracked seats..it now has seat covers). It even had the 30th anniversary tire cover, original “indash AM/FM radio” and the triangular roll bar bags! It had 89K when I bought it, but has been loved / towed to bring the odometer to 139K. It has the original engine and running gear. I had it repainted 2 years ago and found the original hood decals. The body is in really good condition (very little rust) and spends most of it’s time being a “garage queen”. I have a hard top and a new soft top as of last year. I love my “Jambo” and it is still doing what it does best…. Playing in the Colorado Mountains.

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